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Our Offer


We are a specialist educational travel company based in Berlin. We can tailor your trip to the detail you like and make the trip relevant to your learning objectives. We have an ear to the ground, so we can let you know about temporary exhibitions that are worth seeing or current events that tie in with your syllabus. From the purely practical stand point we are in the know when it comes to the logistical issues to consider (e.g. disruption of the bus routes during the marathon). You can have a guide with you who knows the city and give you flavour of the local experience, without you having to spend the time and effort trying to find out what is relevant and appropriate for you and your students.

Sample Itinerary

Land in Berlin

We can have a coach pick you up from your school and bring you to the airport, from where you will fly to Berlin. We'll meet you at the airport in Berlin, bring you to your hostel and get you settled in.

Walk around Mitte

There is no better way to get a feel for a city than to explore it on foot. We'll take you around some of the highlights of Mitte (lit. centre ) district, such as Gandarmenmarkt, the Book Burning Memorial, Museum Island and Hack'sche Höfe.

Berlin by night

The Brandenburg Gate, the Reichstag building, and the Memorial to the Murdered Jews of Europe (holocaust memorial) are all within a stone's throw of each other, and at night are lit up to great effect!

Alternative Walking Tour and Street Art Workshop

Urban highlights, subcultures, street art and the opportunity to make your own canvas piece to take home.

Guided Tours

Hamburger Bahnhof: “The years of darkness. Stories of a collection 1933-1945” (guided tour).
German students: Memorial to the German Resistance Centre (guided tour)

Berlin Wall Memorial

Berlin Wall Memorial is the central memorial site of German division. It extends 1.4km of the former border strip. Lunch at the canteen of the Humboldt University.

Martin Gropius Bau

Art Students: Martin Gropius Bau: From Hockney to Holbeit. The Würth Collection in Berlin (guided tour) German students: Museum for German History (guided tour)

Potsdamer Platz

It's hard to imagine now but Potsdammer Platz was no man's land until German reunification. Having been laid to waste during the second world war it subsequently formed part of the death strip of the wall.

Fly out

We'll help you navigate the many transport issues that can arise in Berlin, and get you to the airport in time to pick up something at the duty free shop before you fly.

Berlin & Bonn

Bonn is not usually a travel destination for school trips, which is surprising given its heritage. If you teach/ learn Adenauer’s Germany this trip might be interesting to you. We will start our journey chronologically in Berlin, then transfer in style by the super fast German train ICE and fly back to the UK from the airport Bonn Köln. The Adenauer House in Bonn offers great guided tours and workshops led by experienced historians and the Museum of German History is one of the most-visited museums in Germany. Your students will surely also remember a visit to the factory shop of the much-loved HARIBO gummy bears! The quote for this trip can be surprisingly competitive because Deusche Bahn (German Railways) offers very good value tickets to school groups!

Sample Itinerary

Arrive in Berlin

We'll pick you up from the airport and get you checked in to your hostel or hotel.

Evening Walk

Evening walk to Brandenburger Gate, visit to the dome of the Reichstag and Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe. Ice cream.

House of the Wannsee Conference

Site of the infamous Wannsee Conference of January 1942

Topography of Terror

The "Third Reich" headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS and the Reich Security Main Office were located here. The site now houses several exhibitions relating to the central institutions of Nazi persecution and terror.

Evening walk to the Museum Island

Museum Island is an island in the Spree river in the central Mitte district of Berlin, named for the complex of five internationally significant museums that occupy it.

Tränenpalast (Palace of Tears)

Built under East Germany’s SED regime as a border crossing to West Berlin, this steel and glass construction was dubbed the Palace of Tears, for its many scenes of painful farewells.

Stasi Museum

Shortly after the GDR was founded, the SED regime created the Ministry for State Security as an institution to secure its grip on power. With the help of time witnesses history is brought to life.

Berlin Wall Memorial

The memorial contains the last piece of Berlin Wall with the preserved grounds behind it, and is thus able to convey an impression of how the border fortifications developed until the end of the 1980s.

Train to Bonn

We take the morning ICE (Intercity Express) train to Bonn. Traveling at speeds of up to 180mph, these high speed trains are an experience in themselves!

Adenauer House

The first Chancellor of the Federal Republic of Germany lived here from 1935 until his death in 1967. A tour gives insights into his private life and contemporary politics, with an exhibition that tells the story of his life and works.

Boat trip on the Rhine

It is difficult to over-estimate the historical and cultural importance of the river Rhine. What better way to appreciate this beating heart at the centre of Europe than to hop on a boat!

National Museum of Contemporary History

Despite a mouthful of a name (we abbreviated a little) this museum is one of the most visited in Germany, with excellent interactive exhibits on German history from the end of World War Two to the present day.

Haribo factory shop

Who doesn't like Haribo?! We know we do. The only question is, how to transport that 1.2kg tub of gummy bears?


After what will probably have been a tiring few days we'll get you to the airport hassle free, so you don't have to worry about a thing.

Berlin, Krakow & Auschwitz

Agata, our founding partner, is originally from Poland. It was only a natural process for the company to expand its offer and introduce a trip which is ideal in particular for students studying either history or art. After a few days in Berlin where you will visit places such as the House of the Wannsee Conference and Topography of Terror, you will take either the overnight train or fly to Krakow. Here you will concentrate of life during Nazi occupation. You will visit the old Oscar Schindler factory, which now hosts a museum dedicated to life during the war, the Galicia Jewish Museum and Kazimierz, the old Jewish part of the city. A day trip to Auschwitz-Birkenau will be the final part of your study tour. You will fly back home from Krakow.

Sample Itinerary

Arrive in Berlin

We'll meet you at the airport and take you to your hostel or hotel. The train connection is pretty good but we can also arrange a coach if the comfort and convenience would be appreciated.

Guided Walk

Evening walk to the Brandenburg Gate and a visit to the dome of the Reichstag, followed by a walk the holocaust memorial at the Memorial for the Murdered Jews of Europe.

Memorial to the German Resistance

With the help of a guided tour students will be shown how individual persons and groups took action against the National Socialist dictatorship from 1933 to 1945.

German Historical Museum

This is Germany’s national historical museum. So if you are asking yourself if there is anything else to German history besides the Nazis and the GDR, this is the place to come!

Dinner in a restaurant

We live and breathe Berlin, so let us pick out a nice place to grab something to eat while you're here. You won't regret it!

Topography of Terror

The "Third Reich" headquarters of the Secret State Police, the SS and the Reich Security Main Office were located here. The site now houses several exhibitions relating to the central institutions of Nazi persecution and terror.

Train/flight to Krakow

Dependent on available connections and budget we'll accompany you on a train or plane to Krakow

Oscar Schinder's Factory

The story of Oscar Schindler's Factory is quite well know, but nothing beats visiting the museum at the old factory site itself.


For many centuries, Kazimierz was a place of coexistence of Christian and Jewish cultures. The north-eastern part was historically Jewish, whose Jewish inhabitants were forcibly relocated in 1941 by the German occupying forces.

Krakow Old Town

As the historical seat of Polish Kings for centuries Krakow's historic centre has a lot to offer. We'll show you around so you can get a feel for what was once a significant political, cultural and mercantile hub in central Europe.


Auschwitz needs no introduction, and serves as a poignant reminder of mankind's dark side.


You can fly back from Krakow to any number of airports in the UK. From there we can have a coach bring you back to your school.
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