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Happy Easter!
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28 years ago today!
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Einer der bewegendsten und glücklichsten Momente der deutschen Geschichte: Heute vor 28 Jahren fiel die Berliner Mauer. Unvergesslich!
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School Trips to Berlin

History & Politics

Whether your focus is the Enlightenment, Nazi Germany or the period after the war, the wealth of places of historical interest in Berlin is astounding. We pride ourselves on providing versatile and challenging itineraries which will encourage critical thinking and engage your students.

German Language

A school trip to Berlin is, without a doubt, a great way to consolidate language skills learnt in the classroom. You will be accompanied by a qualified German teacher - that means language activities will be prepared and students will be encouraged to speak. We can also prepare and give a revision session.

Art & Culture

Berlin has not only world-famous museums but also a vibrant contemporary art scene. Prior to you coming to Berlin we will ask you about your focus during trip. Your students will subsequently have an opportunity to work on their projects or course work during their time in Berlin.

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